Our company is an institution which has been established as a result of founders’ broad experience and accumulation on project heavy freight shipment by founders coming together at the right place and at the right time, which makes ‘project and heavy freight shipment under the umbrella of land transportation and employs personnel substructure communication and network system vehicle and Low-bed fleet and driver personnel in this direction and spreads these services to a wide service field on global base. Our Trade Circle and service area,
 Construction equipment, lifters, boilers, power plants and equipment, wind plants, complete production facilities, ship engines, regular freight on project cargo field, pressing machines and gauge producing machines import and producers are among our fields of operation. It is our sole duty to give positive response to all customers’ confidence and expectations at every time.


Management’s Message

Considering Turkey’s economical evolution nowadays when globalism is spoken depending upon changing world economy and fast consumption, it is inevitable for our country to stop being a consumption society and to be a productive community and to head towards export. The goods transportation and physical movement are of vital importance as well as the feature and quality of goods produced in foreign trade. We have made necessary substructure and investments and taken our steps to be a brand in order to meet our native and foreign customers’ expectations preeminently and to give response to their demands.

*To be a brand known in international platform,
*To have all necessities to be a brand,
*To produce secure and fast projects,
*To follow the latest technologic hardware and equipment.

The only thing that we want you to know is that we will produce ‘CONFIDENTIAL PROJECTS’ on logistics.


EPL Logistic services render services beyond transporting the freights from one point to another point. It includes planning and storing the logistic goods efficiently, enabling logistics goods’ flow, checking and doing all goods activities including bringing the goods to production line (consumption field) exclusively.
The founders have founded and started the business for this reason and understanding. Shortly, logistics includes the whole goods transportation from production point to consumption point embodies the complete supply chain keeping this process under control.


Our company was founded formally under the name “EPL Logistic Services” in 2007 and the founders’ experiences on international project and heavy freight transportation continued since 2001.
Operating in permanent address currently, our company continues its activities on private vehicle park and foreign and domestic rental Low-bed Vehicle Park with its institutional structure and management.


Our quality policy is to progress on a line compatible with society laws and commercial rules together with our partner companies by preparing our all activities as customer focused and adopting the customer satisfaction as a principle, using the latest technology with personnel working within the common institution culture.

Our numberless projects that we have performed in all European countries, Turkey and Turkish Republics and Central Asia since 2001 are our best references and our services operations are still continuing.

Our company’s operational areas,

Loading, unloading, transporting and dislocating assembly by seaway, railway and airway, survey services are our main operational areas.