Heavy Haulage Transport

Heavy Haulage Transport

Transporting all freights except in standard dimensions by special trailers and tractive vehicles appropriate with these freights to a determined destination in accompany with a leading vehicle through roadway and combined transportation system in safest way and in the shortest time by obtaining roadway permissions in possible standards, assembling and support services in direction of other customer demands.

We perform all abroad and domestic private project transportations under CMR conventions and HSE conditions through our own vehicle park and partner company’ vehicle parks in reliably and safely.


Vehicles used in Project Transportation 


Standard Vehicles

Low-bed Vehicles

Hydraulic Vehicles


EPL Logistics undertakes Project works needed by the customers by developing heavy transportation experience based upon long years. The company constituted a model of secure transportation to farthest and uphill regions, which requires expertise and engineering. The company determines the possible risks in advance by performing road analysis, country procedures and accurate equipment needs by acknowledged expert personnel. Appending its signature on many project works in countrywide and worldwide, EPL makes you stronger in heavy freight transportation.


Sectors in which we render services: Machinery, Construction, Automotive, Energy, Mining, Navigation, Telecommunication, Harbor Management,  

Our Project Transportation Oriented Services: Escort, Insurance, Road Permissions, Road Analysis, Lashing, Customs Clearance, Stocking


* Transformer, Turbine and Generator Transportations,

 * Construction Machine Transportations (Excavators, Loaders, Bulldozers, etc.)

 * Power Plant Transportations,

 * Gauge Load Transportation,

 * Ship engine Transportations,

 * Boat and Yacht Transportations,

 * Concrete Batch Plant Transportations,

 * Rock Drilling and Elimination Facility Transportations,

 * Casting unit Transportations



EPL Logistics performs Project transportations by providing Escort, Lashing, Road Analysis, Lifter Renting, Customs Clearance and Stocking services on abroad heavy freight transportations carried out by Highway and Seaway.


The company performs out-of-gauge transportations constituting Length X Width X Height by making heavy freight shipment abroad up to 150 tones or road analysis and engineering operations by means of special equipment and (Low Bed) vehicles.


The company transports out-of-gauge and abroad heavy freight shipment, especially equipment and complete facility transportations weighing more than 150 tones by exclusive ships to appropriate ports under survey inspection.  Superintendence reports valid internationally are kept for sake of assuring the customers from responsibility of possible damages that may occur during transportation and port transits.



Domestic heavy freight transportation service: As a result of domestic heavy freight transportations of Transformers, Turbines, Generators and engineering vehicles sold or rented in Turkey, our vehicles shipping throughout Turkey create opportunity to offer services in every city in our country.


Turkey and World Ports : EPL Logistics offers heavy haulage and crane service on the ports throughout Turkey and the world in parallel with seaway transportation. Transportation and crane services for out-of-gauge or heavy tonnage freights impossible to ship between the countries by highway from factory to the port or from port to the factory are offered.

Balkan Countries

Bulgaria, Macedonia, Greece, Romania, Kosovo, Albania, Serbia, Bosnia Herzegovina, Moldova.

European Countries

Germany, Belgium, Denmark, The Netherlands, Austria, Hungary, Switzerland, Croatia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Poland, Ukraine, Czech Republic, France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Britain, Ireland, Cyprus.

Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) Countries:

Azerbaijan, Georgia, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, Moldova, Russia.

Middle Eastern and Arabian Countries:

Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Oman, UAE, Yemen.