Road Haulage

Road Haulage

EPL Logistics offers secure services in affordable costs to its customers in Highway Transportation by its worldwide strong agency web, experienced expert personnel and vehicle fleet conforming to quality standards. The company performs Complete or Partial Freight Transformations to Turkish Republics, Balkan countries, Middle Eastern and Arabian Countries and particularly European and Scandinavian countries. An accurate and strong substructure has been established for affordable cost calculations in accordance with different transportation ways, regardless of the weight and the volume. Speed up your Highway Transportations from production area to delivery point by assurance of EPL Logistics.


We are at your service with our own private vehicle park for transporting from a small package to a whole vehicle in all import and export freights, considering the importance of export and highway transportation in country economy.

 Our reliable and professional personnel are at your service with vehicle park for export freights from Britain, Belgium, The Netherlands, France, Germany, Austria and other European countries to Turkey and export and import freights to Turkish Republics from Turkey in transit,

 Direct transportations to Tbilisi and Baku from





European Countries are performed.


Our Vehicle Fleet;

Standard Trailers

Mega Trailers, 

Jumbo Trailers,